Alexander Technique

“One of the most useful tool a rider can possess” Carl Hester


Monday 12th May 2014

7 – 9PM

at Willow Cottage, Sparsholt, Nr Wantage, Oxfordshire

The Alexander Technique ... what is it, & will it really improve my riding?

Would you like to improve …

Your feel and contact?

Your seat and balance?

or refine the use of your aids?

Come along and discover how this technique can help both you and your horse.

A workshop specifically for riders and
limited to 6 spaces only

£20 per person



If you are interested in continual self improvement,
then the Alexander Technique is for you. 

The clinics are educational, fun, informative & applicable to everything you do - they are extremely effective for riding.

What you will learn during your clinic:

    How the poise of your head affects all other movement in your body.
    How to move your body consciously & eradicate bad habits
    How to release unwanted tension and move with freedom.
    How to move your body in the way you would like to move it rather than in a way that feels right but may not be conducive to what you are trying to achieve.
    How to lessen resistances in your horse, by moving in a way that lessens the reaction to the resistance in your body.
    How to sit on a horse with an effective soft communicative seat.
    How to become even more successful in a horse sport that you are already successful in - dressage, racing, eventing, endurance etc.

Clinics run in two formats:

One day unmounted clinics (10am to 4pm) - ideal as an introduction to the alexander technique for all riders.  This day is also ideal for jockeys or stable lads wanting to improve their style, tighten their finish and learn how to conserve more energy during race riding.

Weekend clinics (Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday).  Ideal for all riders with their own horses - this is a really informative packed weekend of Alexander Technique and riding ... transformational changes can be made over these weekends.

If you would like to organise a clinic at your yard please e-mail

To find out more general information on the Alexander Technique
and to see Lisa’s Alexander Technique website please
click here.

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The Alexander Technique is a tool to learn how to live your life with more freedom, more ease in your body, and how to continually improve consciously in everything you do.